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Tivoli King explores the phenomenal career of entertainer, Harry Rickards and also uncovers his turbulent private life. The book focuses on the English singer and comedian who, from a humble beginning in Stratford, Essex, found fame and fortune in the Australian colonies as the 'King of Vaudeville'

Harry Rickards aged 56Harry Rickards is recognised as one of the most colourful and dynamic showmen to appear on the Australian variety theatre stage.

Rickards? debut as a comic singer on the London music halls during the late nineteenth century, and his subsequent career, was tarnished by spats with fellow artistes, court appearances for bad behaviour, failure to pay debts, accusations of slander, and violence in marriage.

Circumnavigating the globe with troupes of players, he settled in Sydney in 1892, and established the Tivoli chain of vaudeville theatres throughout the country.

Sydney Tivoli TheatreRickards? life and times in all its facets are documented, from his humble beginning in Stratford, Essex to fame and fortune in the Australian colonies as the true King of Vaudeville.

A fast-moving biography that reveals two sides of the feisty entertainer, Tivoli King provides a rare insight into a life lived to the full on and off the stage.

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